Thursday, April 23, 2009

Son, Look in the Word!

One of our friends gave his son a new Bible when he went out of town to college and the dad strongly advised the youth to read the book.
Soon the young man phoned his dad and said, “I need money.”
“Look in the Word!” the father admonished.
The confused son argued a little, but the older man didn’t budge. He just advised his son to get into the Bible and his economic problems would be solved.
A few days later, the youth called again.
“Dad, I’m broke.”
“Son, look in the Word!” his father repeated.
The young man called his dad a third time, and Dad's answer was the same.
One night in desperation, the student took the new Bible out with the intention of reading it. A crisp $100 bill lay between the pages where the book fell open. Gasping with delight, he flipped through the book searching for a favorite scripture passage and discovered four more $100 bills tucked into the Bible.
Our friend placed the money in the gift so his son would remember the message that knowing God through His Word has tremendous value. Not only does scripture tell us God will supply our needs, it also tells us if we know God, we are “rich” in the things that count and the Lord’s words are to be desired more than fine gold.
The Apostle Paul talked to the Corinthian church about being “stewards” of the valuable mysteries of God. Stewards act as administrators of finances or property, and Paul reminded the church they were rich because of what they received from the Lord. They had something they could take into eternity with them and it couldn’t be touched by thieves.
As workers together with God, Paul also said when we share the gospel, “We make many rich who have nothing, yet possess all things.
Paul talked to the church in Rome about our Heavenly Father working with us as a potter does the clay so He might “make known the riches of His glory” to us who are clothed in earthly bodies. Paul added Christians have a “treasure” in their earthen vessels.
More than anything, our friend wanted his son to be rich toward God. That young man will never forget his dad’s advice, “Son, look in the Word!”