Thursday, May 21, 2020

Following the Tracks

By Ada Brownell Here is the summary:
Ever wondered how trains going different directions on the same track arrive safely at the destination despite rock slides, derailments, and other hazards?
How in the era before Centralized Traffic Control railroad employees communicated and prevented accidents?
Following the Tracks is a true story of a young couple who enjoyed the challenges of a career with the D&RGW Railroad. Lester C. Brownell was age eighteen when he started working for the Rio Grande, after earning a certificate from Gale Institute’s telegraph school in Minneapolis.
But an unknown stomach ulcer ready to rupture worked on his insides, and he didn’t even notice when he stood beside the rails, his pants flapping in the breeze, meeting a train going 50 miles an hour. With a Y-stick in his hand, he delivered urgent paper telegraph messages to the engineer.
When he married Ada Belle Nicholson, she became the support and companion he needed. With the Lord’s help, after they married in 1953, together they conquered challenges of moving twelve times the first three of their 66 years, finding places to live in the desert or snowy mountains, and making a boxcar, a depot, and shacks into homes.
Enjoy the history, the humor, the romance, the suspense, the rewarded faith—a true story.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Working With Soldiers During a Pandemic in 1917

Danger from war, a pandemic, and a wicked man spurned in love

By Ada Nicholson Brownell

Mama had spunk to match her beautiful long red hair.

When I arrived, she already had her heart full with my daddy and other seven siblings, but I squeezed right in anyway. Mama had a year of college, unusual for a woman born in 1900, and she had a purpose in life. She survived the 1918 flu pandemic that killed millions in the world including her beloved brother, married Daddy when he said it was either him “or the other guy,” went through the Kansas Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, the resulting poverty, and other huge trials. I was fascinated by her stories of my parents’ loving romance, and how God’s intervention in our lives kept the house full of joy and singing.

So I created a fictional character to live Mama’s life and find a way to get through what she did, and to come out like a peach blossom covered with dew, which is much more than meets the eye.

Love’s Delicate Blossom, an historical suspense

By Ada Brownell

Third in the Peaches and Dreams series

Edmund Pritchett III wants to marry Ritah Irene O’Casey, but his intended has just begun her fight for the future. The beautiful redhead stands between Henry Hunter and Tulip, the orphan girl he kidnapped to work in his brothel, and he’s not giving up.

Excited about being one of the few women to go to college in 1917, Ritah hopes to become a teacher who can help widows keep their children when something happens to their husbands. She also wants to enable mothers to know more about prevention and treatment of disease, in an era when few have access to a doctor. Instead, she ends up fighting for the lives of injured soldiers in a WW I Army health clinic, and finds her own life threatened by illness as well as sorrow.

When Ritah takes a teaching job, Joe Nichols, a handsome farmer, edges his way into her heart. But Edmund Pritchett III isn’t giving up, and neither is Henry Hunter.

Will Rita be able to continue to fight for women and families, understand enduring love, decide on the man she loves, and defend herself and her students when Henry Hunter bursts into the school shooting a pistol?

COMMENT FROM A READER: Your book set a tone and world from your grandmother’s time, the historical elements are what readers read the genre for.

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Ada Brownell blogs and writes with Stick-to-Your-Soul Encouragement. She is the author of nine books, more than 350 stories and articles in Christian publications, and she spent a large chunk of her life as a journalist, mostly for The Pueblo Chieftain in Colorado. She and her husband L.C., have five children, one of them in heaven, eight wonderful grandchildren. and three great-grandchildren.

Her book, The Lady Fugitive, the first book in the Peaches and Dreams series was a finalist for the 2015 Laurel Award.

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