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Love’s Delicate Blossom, an historical suspense
By Ada Brownell
Sequel to The Lady Fugitive and Peach Blossom Rancher
Edmund Pritchett III wants to marry Ritah Irene O’Casey, but she says wait. The beautiful redhead is trying to rescue Tulip, a 14-year-old orphan kidnapped by Henry Hunter to work in his brothel, and Ritah doesn’t have much time. She has a train ticket to go to college and hopes to fulfill her dreams.
Ritah wants to become a teacher who can help widows keep their children when tragedy strikes. She also wants to teach mothers how to prevent dangerous diseases and treat health problems, in an era when few have access to a doctor and too many children die. Instead, Ritah ends up fighting for the lives of injured soldiers in a World War I Army health clinic, and finds her own life threatened by an influenza pandemic.
But Ritah finds a teaching job in Kansas, and there Joe Nichols, a handsome farmer, edges his way into her heart. But Edmund Pritchett III isn’t giving up, and neither is Henry Hunter, who is still after Tulip and about to open his brothel.
Will Ritah be able to continue to fight for women and families, understand enduring love, decide on the man she loves, and defend herself and her students when Henry Hunter bursts into the school shooting a pistol?
COMMENT FROM A READER: Your book set a tone and world from your grandmother’s time, the historical elements are what readers read the genre for.

What Prayer Can Do Summary

What Prayer Can Do: A collection of articles written by Ada Nicholson Brownell, published by The Pentecostal Evangel

Pray. God answers. True testimonies of events where God intervened

Ennis Surratt, known as the “meanest man in town,” changed in a moment. John Feliciano, blinded in an industrial accident, sees instantly. Marjorie Eager’s family escapes death when God stops a forest fire. A mother prays on her deathbed for her sons to meet her in heaven, and years later God grabs Gary Hilgers out of sin and turns him around. More amazing chapters originally published in The Pentecostal Evangel, enough for every week of the year, with three bonuses.

What Prayer Can Do Endorsement

When God intervenes, everything changes. This is experiential reality for Spirit-filled believers who intently seek God, trust His promises and believe for the impossible. In What Prayer Can Do, award winning author Ada Brownell nourishes our faith with remarkable true stories of supernatural answers to prayer. May this inspiring volume stretch you, encourage you and motivate you to a deeper life of God-dependent prayer.

Dr. James Bradford
General Secretary
The General Council of the Assemblies of God



Peach Blossom Rancher, an historical romance

Sequel to The Lady Fugitive, second in Peaches and Dreams series

By Ada Brownell

A handsome young man with a ranch in ruin and a brilliant doctor confined to an insane asylum because of one seizure. Yet their lives intersect.
John Lincoln Parks yearns for a wife to help rebuild the ranch and eyes Valerie MacDougal, a young widow who homesteaded, but also is an attorney.
Will the doctor ever be released from the asylum? Will John marry Valerie or Edwina Jorgenson, the feisty rancher-neighbor he constantly fusses with? This neighbor has a Peeping Tom whose bootprints are like the person’s who dumped a body in John’s barn. Will John even marry, or be hanged for the murder?
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By Ada Brownell

Always 99 Cents

Scripture: For we did not follow cunningly

devised fables”  2 Peter 1:16

Everything about who we are, how we came to be, and why we are here, is settled by faith, yet there is evidence.

This book, written by a journalist who  interviewed people on several sides of the mystery, supplies evidence for faith—and reveals forgeries designed to destroy belief in God such as the Piltdown man, missing evolutionary links that DNA proved aren’t links, and a newer theory than Darwin’s, punctuated equilibrium.

The author taught her first class on the Bible and science at age 25. She also studied extensively on the reliability of scripture and evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus, and took a college course in propaganda. She witnessed the use of propaganda by secularists, especially in educational institutions.

The secular world attempts to destroy faith in God with spinning the truth and brainwashing. You’ll be surprised at this author’s deduction of it all.


The Lady Fugitive
By Ada Brownell
How does a respected elocutionist become a face on a wanted poster?
Jenny Louise Parks escapes from the coal bin, and her abusive uncle offers a handsome reward for her return. Because he is a judge, he will find her or he won’t inherit her parents’ ranch.
Determination to remain free grips Jenny, especially after she meets William and there’s a hint of romance. But while peddling household goods and showing a Passion of the Christ moving picture, he discovers his father’s brutal murder.
            Will Jenny avoid the bounty hunters? Can she forgive the person who turns her in? Will she find peace, joy and love?
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Will you be the person you dream of being—or someone from your nightmares?

You don’t need a fortune teller to reveal your future. You are the person who determines who you will be, what your life will be like, and how your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

            Today is the time to IMAGINE and to create an action plan for your future.

·         How harnessing your will can make you a champion
·         How to make valuable deposits into your mind, detoxify harmful substances in the brain, and avoid brain washing
·         How to look and be your best
·         How to connect with Someone who will make a difference in your life
·         How who you marry changes everything
·         How to avoid traps that jeopardize your future
·         Where you want your name to appear
·         Why you can believe God is there and interested in your future
·         Examples of people who grabbed their future and held on

This book will show how to make the right connections, how to grow you talents, and how to begin believing in yourself and things greater than yourself—for a wonderful Future You!


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Former medical reporter addresses Mysteries of eternal life in new book SWALLOWED BY LIFE: MYSTERIES OF DEATH, RESURRECTION AND THE ETERNAL

Do you believe what you think you do about the eternal? Is there really life after death? Can we live forever? Societies throughout the ages tried to determine truth, courts try to do it, and journalists such as the author of this book.  Ada Brownell draws on her experience as a medical writer presenting evidence we are more than a body, and also reaches into God’s Word to show the amazing fact we were made to live forever. This book, complete with Q&A for Bible study, is available in paperback or for Kindle.  For support groups, religion classes, the ill, those who fear the eternal or are curious about it. The book is featured in the June 2, 2013 “Reading for Spiritual Health” issue of The Pentecostal Evangel. Swallowed by Life sells for $9.98.

5-star review from Mary Ann: I didn't think I could ever read anything more gripping from Ada Brownell than Swallowed by Life. In this tract, her soul is laid bare for the reader. Each page is more intense than the last. You will find not a wasted paragraph, nor sentence, nor word. Feel Brownell pain, explore her literary mind, rejoice in her new beginning and ponder the paradox of life.In my mind, it's the best work she has ever penned and will move you from the first sentence to last. You'll truly be better for having taken the time to read it.

A Novel
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Enter an area where people are missing and radicals want to obliterate Christianity from the earth. After Joe Baker’s parents mysteriously disappear, he finds himself with a vicious man after him. Joe and an unusual gang team up to find his mom and dad. The gang is dedicated to preventing and solving crimes with ordinary harmless things such as noise, water, and a pet skunk instead of blades and bullets. Joe reads the Bible hoping to discover whether God will answer prayer and bring his parents home. In his dreams, Joe slips into the skin of Bible characters and what happened to them, happens to him—the peril and the victories. Yet, crying out in his sleep causes him to end up in a mental hospital’s juvenile unit. Will he escape or will he be harmed? Will he find his parents? Does God answer prayer?

Teens. No fantasy. No wizard. Suspense. Christian payload. Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult or
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Out-of-print but paperbacks available from the author, and e-book now sold for Kindle. Read about miracles, signs and wonders; the conversion of a family and the struggles of the youngest to reach spiritual fulfillment. First published by the Assemblies of God’s Gospel Publishing House in 1978, the book became available for Kindle in 2011.  Paperbacks $5.

Listed among top 10  Pentecostalism recommendations by Library Thing numerous times over the years, the most recent 2011 as number six after authors Pioneers of Faith by Lester Sumrall; Good morning, Holy Spirit by  Benny Hinn; Azusa Street by Frank Bartleman; Signs and Wonders by Benny C. Aker; and Look out! The Pentecostals are Coming by C. Peter Wagner.

On March 9, 2013, Confessions of a Pentecostal was  #4 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Religion & Spirituality > Occult > Supernaturalm. 

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