Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Victorious Attitude of the Conqueror

This morning I read a cute article in The Gospel Tract Society's Harvester Magazine, "Diligence with Attitude!" The illustration accompanying the article caught my eye and drew me to read the piece written by Debbie Corum. The photo by iBeck showed an enthusiastic woman holding a broom and mop in one hand and giving a "Yes!" gesture with the other, her eyes squinted and her mouth wide open. I could almost hear her cry of victory.

I've had days I felt like that, empowered by a new filling of God's Spirit and faith. Then there are days I still have an "attitude" but lack the cry of victory.

In that wonderful Bible chapter Romans 8, I read our enemy has us lined up as sheep for the slaughter, because Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. He's just not after our earthly lives, he is going for the spiritual jugular, our eternal self.

How many people start the Christian life with a diligent attitude, but the cares of this life and sin encroach into their lives like wild trees in a wet climate taking over a yard or an entire farm because the person living there no longer cares that undesirable seeds blowing in are taking root.

Christians often wake up and find they aren't strong enough to cut the overgrowth down anymore. Too late, they realize they aren't the only ones affected, either. Each person is said to have a close circle of influence of about seven people, and at least 200 in an outer circle. The people we influence most are our family members. If we drop out of church, that increases the chance of our children not making it to heaven. If we drink alcohol, commit adultery, break the law, our children are more likely to drive drunk, become alcoholics, have lousy marriages, spend time in prison.

Just thinking about all this makes me want to serve God with a diligent attitude, to never give up, to keep on my knees, to stay in the Word, and be faithful in attending His house.

Paul told the Romans that although Satan has us lined up as sheep for the slaughter, we are "more than conquerors" though Him that loves us. That sounds like a jubilant, victorious attitude!