Friday, June 5, 2009


More and more I thank God for my blessings. But more and more I wonder how long some of these blessings will continue.

Sure, I know I have Salvation and God's mercy and love always will be there for me. But material blessings we in the United States have known appear to be over a trap door. I sometimes wonder when the whole bottom is going to fall.

Will I be free to attend church, read my Bible, and share my faith in the future? I've seen these freedoms yanked away from nation after nation in my lifetime.

Are our bank accounts in danger of disappearing? Will our paychecks still be there as they always have been? Will I have health insurance and care? Even prescriptions?
Will our pantry always be supplied?

During the Great Depression, bank accounts evaporated, there were few paychecks, most people already didn't have health care, and food was scarce.

Now, in 2009 there are more problems. I wonder if violence and war will erupt on United States' soil. We have been blessed that bombs and rockets haven't exploded in our neighborhoods. Thank God!

Yet, today says 31 countries are involved in war right now. I know the blood of U.S. soldiers continues to spill in the current wars in Iran and Afghanistan in our effort to protect America from terror and bring freedom to those nations.

We have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Jesus warned his followers when he was on earth that hard times would come, and since the gospels are for us also, we can listen. The Master said we need to build our lives on Him and His teachings, which would be like a builder erecting a house on a strong foundation. If a home is built on bedrock, when the storms come, the house will stand. Built on anything else, our lives are like a building constructed on the sand, and when the hurricane comes, the home is obliterated. You'll find the story in Matthew 7:24-27.

So, are perilous stormy times headed to the United States? Some say thunder already rumbles. So, what do we do?

Jesus advises us to take no thought for tomorrow because worrying doesn't accomplish anything. He advises us to look at the birds. Although many folks feed birds, I've never seen a reason to throw them bird seed. (I did feed an injured wild goose in the deep snow once.) Where I live, the skies, the trees and the yards are alive with all kinds of birds and they're always eating! When God made the world He provided everything the fat robin, the elegant cardinal, the beautiful blue bird--and even the starling needs.

Jesus also told us to look at how he clothes the grass and the lilies. You can't find fabric more beautiful than a flower petal!

Jesus wanted us to know he takes care of his creation (hey, Who else keeps the universe running), and added, "Not even a sparrow, worth only a half penny, can fall to the ground without the Heavenly Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows." (Matthew 10:29-30NLT)