Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Writing a Novel

I've neglected my blog recently because I am rewriting my historical romance novel. During May I attended the Colorado Christian Writers Conference and pitched the book to editors and agents there.

First, let me say it was a terrific conference, although Estes Park was cold and it snowed while we were there. We had a cold winter in our state, and spring wasn't normal since it rained so much. So I looked forward to some of Colorado's famous sunshine. When I first started working as a reporter in Colorado years ago I wrote weather stories frequently and one of the things I learned (if I remember right), Southern Colorado has about 300 sunshiny days a year. None of them showed while we were there.

But the conference sessions and the friendly professionals attending made up for it. So I was invited to send my book proposal to an agent, an editor, and to another editor who wants the whole book. Only thing--she wanted the word length increased by 15,000 words.

So just a few weeks ago I started at the beginning and here I am. Yesterday, I arrived at the end only about 2,000 words short. Now with a little more tweaking suggested by my crit partners, I will send it soon.

I'll keep you posted on what's happening in my writing life. If you are a writer, the hardest thing to do is keep believing you have a worthy idea and working until your book or article is finished. The wise thing to do is have a target market with which you are familiar in mind before you even write the first page. Ask for God's wisdom and guidance all along the way. Then turn your "grown-up" baby out into the world to find success.