Friday, March 16, 2012

Truth or Spin?

How do we know truth?
Law enforcement, juries, judges, media, schools and parents search for truth, but are they really looking for it?

The attorney who nearly always enters a “not guilty” plea, even when his client was caught in the act by cameras and there are multiple witnesses?

Even television anchors and other reporters who allow the source to “spin” a story?

The pastor or priest who teaches something he knows doesn’t agree with the Bible?

For centuries before us, people have tried to determine truth. The second chapter of my new book, Swallowed by LIFE, is titled “Truth Sleuth.” Many things in life are so important, we need to know the truth.

One of most important areas we should investigate when we should search for truth is what happens when our time on earth is over. Will we cease to exist, or will we enter somewhere else? Will we come back as bugs, animals or another person?

You could be surprised at some of the truth tactics used down through the centuries and the lack of reliability of current methods such as the polygraph. But you also may be surprised how we determine truth about eternity. I'll give you a few hints. You look at the evidence, read the transcript of witnesses, and make your decision.

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