Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The dead raised? Professor Otto Kaiser reports miracles among Muslims


This is not an appeal for money, but a report on the signs and wonders God is doing around the world that Otto wrote to his supporters. He and his wife, Edith, gave me permission to share the good news with you. Read on to hear about God's marvelous works.

Here's Otto!

We are extremely thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for all your faithful prayers and financial missionary support for our ministry through Global University. Apart from your faithfulness to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we could not achieve what we are doing. We give all the glory and honor to God that he has given us the privilege of being part of His great move in these days. Every morning, I habitually pray that God will use my wife and I to have the greatest possible influence on as many as possible for eternity. Let me share some of God’s answers to these prayers.


Edith and I recently met a young man at an Assemblies of God Muslim conference. For sensitive
reason, I will not give his name. As a Shi-ite Muslim, he immigrated to the United States. Through a Global University evangelism course, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. God called him to become a missionary to Shi-ite Muslims. He is now enrolled in our Berean ministerial program. He had a burden for his Muslim parents and arranged for his mother to come and visit him here in America. Through prayer and anointed Holy Spirit witnessing, he won his mother to Jesus. When she returned to Iran, she was afraid the Iranian border guards would take away her Farsi Bible, so she sewed it to her underclothes.

 Her Muslim husband, the father of our student, discovered the Bible and exploded in anger. But prompted by the Holy Spirit and in answer to his wife and son’s prayers, he wanted to know what was drawing them away from Islam and into Christianity. He read the Gospels and the Book of Acts in the Farsi Bible. Convicted by the Holy Spirit, through reading the Word of God, the husband likewise accepted Jesus as his Savior. Two days after he prayed the sinner’s prayer, his employment supervisor was killed in an accident. As a pedestrian the supervisor was hit by a high speed vehicle. Standing over the dead body of his supervisor at the funeral, the husband remembered the miracles he read in the Gospels and Acts. He prayed for his supervisor and God restored the dead man back to life and healed him from all his accident injuries.


In 1971, the Islamic Shi-ite Republic of Iran was formed with a Muslim theocratic form of government. At that point in time, the Assemblies of God had an adherence of about 3,000. In the Iranian theocracy, an assembly of Shi-ite Muslim experts selects an ultimate supreme leader. All are Shi-ite Muslim clerics. Under the supreme leader, a lay president is elected by the people for a maximum length of two consecutive four year terms. Prior to the election, the president is approved as a nominee by the assembly of Muslim experts. As I write this letter, both the supreme leader and the president are ill. The government of Iran has recently passed two new laws which decree the death penalty to (1) any Shi-ite Muslim who leaves Islam for another religion and (2) any person who converts a Shi-ite Muslim to another religion.


As Iranian Christians face severe persecution, they are prevailing in prayer before God; and in answer to their prayers, the Holy Spirit is mightily moving across Iran. Muslims are having supernatural dreams and visions of Jesus. Similar to the miracle I shared; powerful healings and miracles are taking place. Through these supernatural experiences in the last 20 years, more Iranians have come to Christ than in the last 14 centuries before. Some Pentecostal leaders inside Iran now claim that there are today over a million Spirit-filled Christians in Iran.

Nominal Christian churches have existed in Iran, but they are associated with ethnic groups. The 67 million population of Iran includes 70 ethnic groups who speak 69 languages. However, the national language is Farsi. The Assemblies of God have two Christian satellite outreaches into Iran broadcasting 24 hours a day in Farsi, Arabic and Turkish. Local phone numbers on the programs receive 15 to 20 calls per day. Just recently 50, 000 have put their trust in Jesus.

In a secret Middle East location, the Assemblies of God operate the Iran Bible College using undergraduate Global University college courses. Some 24 Iranian pastors and evangelists are studying to prepare themselves for greater service for the Lord Jesus. Some 50 churches have been started by students. Some 12 new students have been approved for enrollment this coming semester. Students at the Iranian Bible College have distributed over 100 000 Farsi New Testaments in Iran. Their goal was to distribute 400,000. A graduate school will soon be started with 10 to 20 potential students.

You are helping to make all these miracles possible through your prayers and faithful support. Please pray for the persecuted Christians in Iran and the growth of the Church in that nation. Please join me in especially praying for the spiritual salvation of the assembly of experts, the president of Iran, and the supreme leader that they will come under Divine conviction through supernatural power encounters of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you again for your prayers that are helping to change the world for Christ. May the Lord richly bless you.

 Yours in Christ
 Otto and Edith Kaiser