Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet Grandma Tea, author of Preparing my Heart for Grandparenting

Lydia Harris, known as Grandma Tea, is passionate about prayer, grandparenting, and hospitali-TEA. She inspires groups with her practical ideas, engaging stories, and sincere faith. Lydia has contributed to 17 books and has published hundreds of articles, devotionals, and tea columns. Focus on the Family regularly publishes her children's recipes, which she tests with her grandkids. Her Bible study, Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting, is based on years of teaching and intentional, godly grandparenting.

Short book summary:

Preparing My Heart for Grandparenting is a practical hands-on guidebook for new and experienced grandparents. You'll laugh, love, and learn as you grow in your important grandparenting role. Six weeks of Bible study include dozens of ideas to combine fun and faith. Those who completed the study said, "It made me a better grandparent," and "I gained confidence as a grandparent." You can order it through bookstores or online at,, and