Monday, September 29, 2014


By Harriett Ford

Help Lord. I need a faith lift. Why is it that my husband and I can irritate each other so at times?
Daughter, as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Prov. 17:17) and sometimes the sparks just fly.

You've got to change him, Lord. I think I need an anointing oil job before I start to screech. You said to love one another, and I'm trying. What is Love, for goodness sake? 
Love is giving. I so loved the world that I gave my only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.

I see. I can give without loving, but I cannot love without giving.
Lord, will you show me one thing I can do to bless my husband today?
Okay, leave him alone.

But Lord, You don't understand. Being unequally yoked is no laughing matter, especially when the yoke's on me. Please correct my husband when we're each pulling our cart in a different direction.
My daughter, let's start by changing you.

Me! What's wrong with me? You would be so impressed if You only listened to my prayers of dedication and adoration. . . Oh, I see. I'm not Your advisor. And I don't have to be in control when I know the ONE who is. But please, just remind my husband that it's not really him either, okay Lord?

Father, could You please assign angels with the names Goodness and Mercy to me today? 
First you get Patience and Endurance to perfect your faith. (James 1: 3-4).

(Is that why you instituted marriage?)

That's how my walk with God began. I wanted instant results. I wanted my husband to be as fascinated with God as I was.
I was also just 25 and barren. My desperate prayers for a baby went unanswered. Hannah and Sara became two of my favorite women in the Bible. Then one day I heard a still small voice speak to my spirit. “Why don't you fast?” Being a babe in Christ, I did not recognize it as a prompting from the Holy Spirit for three whole disappointing months. When I finally did decide to fast, I found such a glorious moment of peace and joy that I surrendered my desire on the symbolic altar, saying,” Lord if I never have a child of my own that's okay.” You are all I want and all I need in this world.”
I had learned to seek the Giver and not gift.
I sincerely meant those words. You may have guessed that God smiled on my sacrificial offering and gave it back, just as He so often does.
Nine months later, my dear husband John and I welcomed our baby girl into our world. (I have since recommended fasting to many women seeking to have a baby of their own.)
Today John and I are enjoying our grandparent roles, and we are enjoying studying God's word and praying together—something I despaired of ever happening years ago. He also completely supports my avocation as a faith writer.
When I asked the Lord for a title to my latest book, He dropped the word “supervention” into my mind. “Is that in the dictionary?” I asked. It was not in three of the dictionaries I keep on my desk, however I found it in the Oxford American Dictionary. It means to interrupt a change in some condition or process.
That is exactly what God did in my life. He changed my focus, my direction, and then he gave me my very heart's desire for a child and also for a believing husband.
And He did it by changing me!
Now whenever I find a new wrinkle or an age spot, I remind Him that He said He's coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle, so “Please hurry, Jesus.”
My faith lift is in looking up for our redemption draws near.
I'm so glad I married John Ford! What a journey we have shared. We're actually pulling  together these days.

Harriett Ford is an award-winning author of numerous features, articles, short stories, and is a devotional writer for Faith Writers. She is also an inspirational speaker for Stonecroft ministries and a member of the Marla Woodmansee Kingdom Xperience ministry. Visit her blog at

Review: Supervention is a captivating faith builder. Harriet Ford has chosen stories of encounters with God that range from miraculous healing to life-changing personal words spoken to the heart; from personal protection in physical crises to supernatural release from addiction. If you ever were in a situation where you doubted God's love, the chances are you'll find a story here to reassure you. I found myself late at night finishing one story and thinking, "Just one more!". Then, "One more!" Finally, I'd turn out my light with a deep sense of the security of a God who cares and involves Himself in the lives of His children.
I'd highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to bathe in the love of a God who cares enough to supervene or as a gift to someone who is struggling with life issues on their own and needs to know the powerful, active love of God.