Wednesday, February 25, 2015


 By Ada Brownell


.99 thru April 28

What we do today determines the kind of person we will be in the future and what our lives will be like. Activities and attitudes of yesterday, today, and tomorrow become habits that change us for the better or for worse—and sometimes are almost impossible to change.

Habits are like the tree in Vashon Island, Washington, that grew around a bicycle until the bike became part of the tree. Somebody obviously leaned the bike against the tree when it was a small sapling. Now the bicycle is lodged into a large tree trunk five or six feet off the ground. It is impossible to remove the bike without destroying the tree.

Dr. Alan Friedman, a botanist at Marquette University in Milwaukee, says if an immovable object comes in contact with a growing tree, the growth that creates wood and bark will eventually cover the object. The only exception is a wire or rope put entirely around a tree, which will kill it.[1]

Habits entwine themselves into us in a similar way and become part of who we are. Some habits make us better people because they cause us to do good things. Bad habits wrapped into our character jeopardize our future.

Habits are one part of our lives we control, but we can’t choose our parents. God made sure they love you by implanting love into their beings, although some moms and dads don’t show their love. But even parents who forsake their children love them, because many come back to them later in life and ask for forgiveness.

Parents are stuck with their children, and their children are stuck with them. Parents don’t have control over the genes their kids inherit, either. By the same token, they had nothing to do with the kind of atmosphere their ma and pa provided for them that influenced their behavior.

True genetics, culture, temperament, talents, education, beliefs, quirks, and hang-ups of the people who gave us earthly life affect us, but we can’t blame them if we end up a drunkard, too lazy to support ourselves, or in prison. No matter who we are, our background, what internal and external obstacles we face, through God's help we can scramble over everything in our way and reach a life of joy and fulfillment.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

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[1] Country Magazine Extra Collector’s Edition 5 (Harlan, IA, 1995).