Friday, August 5, 2011

Here's a good book

Wings of Promise (Alaskan Skies #2)Wings of Promise by Bonnie Leon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, but never thought I’d take a tour like Bonnie Leon created in Wings of Promise.

Forget IMAX. The tour with Kate brought me on a tour of the wilderness, showed me the Northern Lights, and flew me over snowy mountains in her airplane. We delivered the mail, even a litter of smelly pigs, and often brought the doctor to ill natives. We flew low over the trees searching for lost polar bear hunters, and made several treacherous landings on the ice—and I didn’t even get motion sick.

People joined us along the way. Paul, the doctor she loves who breaks up the romance because he lost his first wife and thinks because Kate is a pilot, he’ll lose her. Michael, her friend who loves her fiercely and wants to marry her. Lisa, who seems a perfect match for Paul. Then there’s her irritable boss, and someone I hope we don’t meet who is putting water in her fuel tank.

This is the third book in Bonnie Leon’s Alaskan series. The author is an accomplished novelist and Wings of Promise keeps you reading as you discover Alaska, danger and romance with Kate.

I wondered how the novelist was able to put us in the airplane with Kate, and go through so many intricate flying maneuvers without being a pilot herself. Turns out one of Alaska’s flying champions, Gayle Ranney helped make the scenes in the book possible.

My applause to them both. I loved the journey.

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