Monday, December 5, 2011

God's Leading is Better than a GPS

Read Romans 10:9-15

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” (Psalms 37:23KJV).

Thompson, Utah, a dusty windswept town in the Utah desert, boasted a population of 98 when we moved there. Thompson had no church, three bars, and the two grocery stores were in the bars.
             Although we drove 40 miles to church on Sunday, my husband and I were lonely. We didn’t fit in Thompson. I wondered why God directed us to such a place.
            I was discouraged. I’d been the youth leader in my home town, and we had been having marvelous services. I’d pray and cry out to God, “How did we miss your will, Lord, by coming to this place?”
            We escaped when my husband bid on another railroad job, but not long afterward, we were back in Thompson. On the railroad, if somebody wants your job and has the opportunity and the seniority, he bumps you. Thompson was still dusty, the town’s residents still congregated in the bars, and I was still lonely.
            My husband began playing on the Thompson/Crescent Junction baseball team, and we finally met nice folks who just needed to know Jesus and God began to do a work in me. Their children were familiar with worldly ways, but unfamiliar with God and His love. I told the Lord if He would send me a helper, I’d start a Sunday school.
          Within a week, a Baptist lady about my age, a good Christian, Doris Louton, who knew how to teach and do crafts, moved to town and we started Sunday school in the schoolhouse.  Children came and learned Jesus came to earth, died and rose again so they could live forever.  The kids accepted the gospel joyously. On Easter, several parents came.
           Thompson is where I began writing for Christian publications and newspapers, too.
           We moved in about a year, and no matter where we lived, I prayed for my Thompson children, that others would minister to them during their lives and that they would hold on to Jesus.
           Although I complained at first, when I obeyed God and did what He wanted me to do there, I never regretted God leading me that special place in the desert.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, help me to always remember if you direct my footsteps, it’s better than a GPS.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Sometimes the feet God wants to move are mine.
PRAYER FOCUS: People near my home who have never heard the gospel.
©Ada Brownell, 2011

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