Friday, August 24, 2012

The healing of Dr. Lillian Yeomans

The Healing of Dr. Lillian Yeomans, addicted to drugs
By Dr. Otto Kaiser of Global University

Dr. Lillian Yeomans became a famous medical surgeon. She graduated with a doctorate of medicine from the University of Michigan in 1882. Her father was a doctor. Her grandfather was a doctor. She became a leading specialist in her field or surgery. She was known in the medical field for her successful delicate operations.
To steady her nerves while doing delicate operations, she occasionally took morphine. Then one day she made the terrible discovery that the drug had become her master. She went through terrible agony when she found she did not have the power to break the drug habit.
When be tremendous exercise of will power she stopped taking the drug for 24 hours, her condition was pitiable/ she trembled with weakness. Her body bathed in cold sweat. Her heart fluttered. Her breathing became difficult. Her stomach could not hold water much less food. Her intestines racked with pain. She suffered persistent diarrhea. She could not stand erect. She could not think logically. She could not write her name.
She became a walking skeleton. Her doctor friends urged her to take the drug so that she would not lose what little reason remained. All of her doctor friends expected her wretched life to come to an early end.
Dr. Yeomans heard of the divine healing ministry of Evangelist John Alexander Dowie in Chicago. She went to Chicago and attended his services even though she was suffering intense pain. She listened to his sermons on faith. She saw miracles of healing take place. Faith in the healing power of Jesus began to rise in her heart.
The physician had described herself as a Christian, but followed afar off. She asked Jesus Christ to be her Savior. She promised God that if he healed here she would devote the rest of her life to Him. Evangelist Dowie prayed for her in the name of Jesus and she was totally healed. Her whole mind and body were restored and she kept her promise to God. She left practicing medicine and became a Christian author and editor of Leaves of Healing, a Christian magazine on divine healing.
What God did for D. Lillian Yeomans, He can do for you in whatever need you might have or whatever crisis you face. The Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). What God has done for others, He can do for you.