Friday, October 5, 2012


As a Christian writer, I keep amazing company among writers devoted to writing squeaky clean suspenseful and intriguing stories that show people living their faith in Jesus Christ.
One of these wonderful writers nominated me and my blog for the One Lovely Blog Award—Pat Dyer whose blog is “Ramblings of a Crowded Mind”
Pat’s blog is devoted to book reviews, musings and inspiration.
Thanks, Pat, for bringing this recognition to my blog. I am humbled and blessed by your kindness.
According to the rules of this award, I’m supposed to 1) recognize the one who nominated me (see above), 2) tell seven things about myself, and 3) nominate fifteen other bloggers.
Since my writing fingers are being twisted, seven things about me:
1) I’m a redhead, and I guess God put that color on me for the same reason he put a red dot on a black widow spider. After the Lord gave me several hundred talking-tos about that excuse, together we turned some of that blaze into fervor for spreading the gospel.
2) I’m a retired journalist. Reporting came natural to me. I’m the youngest of eight, and I was the family “tattle-tale.”
3) I’ve been writing for Christian publications since age 15. My latest article, published in LIVE, gave a tribute to Brother Brandt, my childhood pastor who taught me doctrine and the basics of the gospel before I was age 11.
4) My husband and I had five children, all who have been or are in some kind of Christian ministry. Our oldest daughter is in heaven, one of the reasons I wrote my latest book, Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal.
5) I’m doing the final edit of my teen novel, Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult. I recently changed the title. The book will be out in a few weeks.
6) I have two other books almost ready to fly out into the world.
7. Being a freckled-faced redhead actually helped me be tenacious in my writing. What redhead with freckles is not rejected, especially as a child? I think that’s what gave me a tough skin (besides the Lord’s help) protecting me from the bruised egos many writers suffer. Everything I write, even yet, won’t be and shouldn’t be published. Egg on my ego is no worse than freckles all over me.

My Fifteen Nominees (I could have nominated many more)
1) Max Lucado A collection basin of thoughts, edits and ramblings.
2) Linda Rondeau, editor, “The view from Our Side,” a devotional and encouragement blog written by senior writers.
3) John Hill, (gospel magic) Thoughts on varied subjects from politics, religion, parenting, magic and life in general.
4) Mark Batterson Faith and prayer challenges.
5) Lauralee Bliss, A journey of blissful romance for the heart and soul.
6) Karen Baney Best selling Christian romance and historical fiction author. Interviews and advice on writing, sales and marketing.
7) Nancy Jill Thames, "Queen of Afternoon Tea" Where authors meet for tea.”
8) Mary Campala Findley (It’s tough but you need it.)
9) Terri Thorpe Laughter-Joy-Hope-Peace-Purpose
10) Chad Young, Quiet Times; Mentoring. Chad is Campus Crusade for Christ’s director for the southeast with a scope of over 2 million college students,
11) Penny Zeller A day in the life of a wife, mom, and author.
12) Staci Stallings, Spirit Light Books (blog about Christian Living); Ebook Romance Stories (about her books); Grace & Faith blog inspiration for the journey; Grace & Faith marketing blog:
13) Sharon Srock, “Ordinary women using faith to do extraordinary things.” Book reviews, author interviews, recipes, life lessons, and news.
14) Kym Mc Nabney Writing from the soul. A bit of Faith, Family, Love, Writing, Reading…and Life.
15) Nike Chilemi Crime Fictionista. Reviews, interviews