Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WHO ARE YOU? Author Deanna Kingle writes about "The Person Within"

The Person Within
I love the banner Ada uses here on her blog with the scripture from 2. Corinthians 4-7. I wonder how many of us reside in that earthen vessel, hidden, undisturbed, complacent and comfortable?
To the Christian Writer, who feels himself yanked out of that vessel by the Holy Spirit and put to work, coming out of such accommodation  into the sunlight to be seen and heard can be a surprising revelation.
What of the quiet homemaker whose devotional book has pulled her into a bookstore to sign her books for strangers who want to know about her and her family? She discovers she’s not just the shy, reticent, ordinary person she thought she was. She’s friendly, outgoing, proclaiming God’s love to strangers, surprising her and others.
What of the mystery writer who spends his private time alone in his head plotting and suddenly finds himself the subject of reviews among readers who want to know about him and his relationship to God?
We are who we think we are, living within the vessel. When we are called by God to write for Him, to crawl out of our vessel into a larger world He goes out with us. He provides the courage to grasp new opportunities, the endurance to see our projects through to the end, and the Grace we need to get it into a world that needs to read it.
Christian Writers! Come on out of the earthen vessel into the sunlight and see the surprises He has in store for you. The world needs to hear what you have to say and read what you have to write. Be not afraid; you’re not alone.