Monday, June 10, 2013


Tomorrow Jo Huddleston will share the suspenseful and miraculous story of how she wrote the Caney Creek series of novels; how her own history is wrapped around the stories; and how she had to climb over many obstacles to be where she is today as an author.

Christian novels often reach deeper than suspense, romance, drama, humor, mystery into not only the heart of characters, but dig into who we are--our problems, our needs, our frustrations, our fears--even our guilt.

I feature Christian writers here because as the title of this blog implies, "Ink from an Earthen Vessel," the humble  lumps of clay that we are, formed by God for a special use, can bless, encourage, lighten and brighten the lives of others--even for eternity. Jo Huddleston is one of these writers and her testimony will certainly bless you.

I read Christian novels because they minister to me spiritually as well as give me a wonderful read that's enjoyable. It's finding the answer to every in problem in life through our Savior and Lord that truly thrills the soul, and characters in Christian novels discover that.

Here's an introduction to Jo and to Jo's latest book, Beyond the Past. Log in to the blog tomorrow for Jo's interesting testimony of how she rose above a devastating medical diagnosis--and went ahead and created the books inside her heart.

BIO - Jo Huddleston

Jo Huddleston's debut novel, That Summer, released in December 2012 as the first book in The Caney Creek Series. Beyond the Past is Book 2 in the series. Huddleston holds a B.A. degree with honors from Lincoln Memorial University (TN), and is a member of their Literary Hall of Fame. She earned a M.Ed. degree from Mississippi State University. Professional membership: American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

Beyond the Past back cover blurb

Emmajean Callaway’s life in Atlanta plummets from bad to worse. Can big brother, Jim, lead her back to the family who loves her and also hold the imploding Callaway family together?

Jim Callaway looks forward to 1951 and the chance to forge a relationship with
Caroline after twenty years apart. He’s sidetracked when his sister and his best friend need his help. His baby sister, Emmajean, skids into jail on drug charges in Atlanta. The ordeal of incarceration and trial diminishes her and she needs rescuing, not only physically but spiritually. She struggles toward recovery and restoration with her lawyer’s help as he champions her inside and outside the courtroom. Jim’s nephew Joe is one step ahead of the truant officer, wrecks his car, and officials suspect alcohol is involved. Joe awaits his fate at the hands of the juvenile court judge. Jim and Caroline continue their bumpy journey as they seek realization of their dreams, wondering if they really can overcome obstacles to their being together after so many years.


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