Saturday, June 29, 2013


Imagine the future you

 My next book, Imagine the Future You, will be out in a few short weeks. Here’s a glimpse at what it’s about.

What will your life will be like in the future if you become all you can be? How are you working toward achieving your dreams for now and the future?
The intriguing thing about our dreams is we’re always the “Star.”  Comedy, romance, murder mystery, drama, documentary of a heroine—there we are in the middle of everything.
When we’re awake we also star in our dreams. Dream big and work toward your goals and you’ll write a story with your life that will cause satisfaction beyond what would occur if you were a television or screen celebrity who plays roles about fictional people’s lives.
Each of us “stars” in his life, and whether the story is a tragedy or a cherished classic depends on who we want to become and if we pursue our dreams.
If you continue to do or not do what you practice now, what kind of future do you imagine for yourself?
If we take time to dream and to imagine, it often changes our choices and our future.
The decisions we make ourselves affect our future more than those made for us. We have control of our attitudes, our work ethic, our sense of wonder, our faith to believe in God and for great things. It is pretty much up to us where we end up in life and eternity.

Chapter headings

1.      Imagine your story. What kind of story will you write with your life?
2.      Imagine: Joseph’s story. Why you can succeed no matter what happens in your life and what other folks do.
3.      Imagine a unique You. Don’t be a copy of others. Let the talent, beauty and wonder inside you surface.
4.      Imagine: The really big show. What kind of person would you like to be? Who do you admire? What kind of character do you desire? The career and serious hobbies?
5.      Imagine: Important things you can know—and things you don’t want to know. Why our future is affected by positive knowledge we need to acquire, as well as evil that would like to work its way into our heads and damage our tomorrows.
6.      Imagine: Someone who was, is, and is to come. How belief in God changes your future.
7.      Imagine: God in a seven-pound body.  Why believing the evidence that Jesus is God and rose from the dead changes everything.
8.      Imagine: Clean! How the wonder of being God’s child enhances our lives.
9.      Imagine: A love letter to me? How God communicates to us through the Bible, showing us the right path into the future.
10.  Imagine: The Creator listens to me? How knowing God hears our prayers adds another great dimension to our tomorrows.
11.  Imagine: Falling in love. How preparing yourself for love and marriage gives a greater chance for success.
12.  Imagine: You on your wedding day. How making the right choice makes a difference.
13.  Imagine: Reachable goals. No matter who we are, what our background, who our parents are, with God’s help we can fulfill dreams.