Friday, June 13, 2014

A Prescription for Success

By Renee Blare
Hello, Ada! Thanks for having me on your blog. I’m so excited to be here. As you know, I’m a pharmacist and love to blog myself. I also write. In fact my first book, To Soar on Eagle’s Wings will be released in March of 2015 by Prism Books. After many years, I can actually say I’m an author…success!

Success…what a word. If I marked my worthiness from worldly benchmarks, I could say I’m already successful. After all, I’m a full-time pharmacist of sixteen years, wife to the same man for twenty-four years, mother of one awesome son… oh, and I own a house. Debt, the true test of the world.

But how do I truly measure success? What’s my tested prescription? Did I mention I love the Lord? That everything I do begins and ends with Him.

I start the morning with the Father. My quiet time with the Father fortifies my heart and mind, preparing me for the day ahead. I bury myself in His Word, sometimes for five minutes…sometimes for thirty. (You may catch a glimpse of what I’m reading on my Facebook Page or Google+ since I share a verse from my reading each day.)

I believe His Word is more than a history book. It’s a guiding light for each step I take on this journey called life. It provides comfort, direction and inspiration along the way. In those sad, painful, or confused moments, the Lord reveals Himself through His Word. Even when my body lets me down, Jesus gives me the strength to run the race. (Read about it on my blog, Inspirational Moments; Celebration.)

I pray… for everything. I hit my knees in fellowship and petition for many reasons, sometimes without uttering a word. Nothing’s too big or small for my God. Prayer like breathing, is my lifeline. And my soul hears the Lord even in the still, small silence.

Now we can’t forget my third element to success, Ada… fellowship. With who, you ask? Christians! Now, notice I didn’t say ‘successful’, ‘positive’, ‘helpful’, etc. No, I said Christians…no conditions, no requirements. So what if they aren’t perfect. I’m not either. My husband and son can attest to that. I offer unconditional love and support, not ridicule. If I happen to see something not quite right, I’ll mention it. Not out of judgment but out of love. After all, Jesus told me to. Success as Christians in this world depends on honesty and support from each other. This mercy is desperately needed in times of distress and trial to nurture and replenish the energy stores to get through each week. Who else can we to turn to except each other?

My last element in the prescription for success is faith. Not the weekly climb-into-your-car and-go-to-church kind of faith but the slip-on-your-cloak-and-wear-it-every-day kind of faith. Faith is vital. It gives me strength and keeps me going in the face of all trials and tribulations. And believe me, I’ve had my share. We all have. God teaches us that faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain, and I’ve learned even less doubt causes an avalanche, smothering the seed-sized faith in despair. Guard your faith. Protect it from doubt and proclaim what you believe at the top of your lungs…whenever you need it and feel God’s strength and promise flow in your veins.

After many years, my prescription has yielded success in marriage, work, and family. Recently, as I said before, I contracted with Prism to publish To Soar on Eagles’ Wings. A story about a young schoolteacher and a game warden in the Snowy Range of Wyoming

Spring’s in the air. While the sun shines in Timber Springs, wet snow falls on the Snowy Range, and trouble’s brewing in the meadows. The preacher’s daughter decides to be shed all pretense…and change her life forever. He talks with the wisdom of the Lord but rejects the future. She wants to soar with the eagles. Can she convince him they’re worth the risk?

Here’s a small excerpt of the first chapter. I hope you like it.
The bell rang on her last class of the day. Rachel stretched in relief.
“Enjoy your Spring Break, guys. I'll see you in a week,” she called over the hustle of the room. “Don't forget to turn in your essays on Photosynthesis before you leave.”
Groans met her belated announcement, and the students scrambled through their gear. One paper after the other landed on the desk as the kids filed by her.
“Bye, Miss Fizz.” Cheerful farewells accompanied a few hugs with the start of a long week of relaxation.
Well, no rest for the weary. Rachel shuffled the cluster of papers into a pile and cleared her desk in preparation for the upcoming break.
“What are you shaking your head about, Pip?” A rough voice drifted into the room.
She jerked around, the pencils slipping from her fingers. “Michael?”
Diving for the doorway, she threw her arms around her twin. She couldn’t believe he was here, in Timber Springs…in her classroom.
His arms tightened for a few seconds, but then he pulled her hands away.
Rachel wiped at her face with shaky fingers. “Does Dad know you're in town?”
Michael clipped into the room and shook his head. He traced a square tile on the floor with his shoe. After a minute of stone silence, he lifted his head.
She’d been prepared for anguish or anger. A shiver slid up her spine at the icicles staring back at her.

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. I credit him for all my success. And as long as I keep my eyes on Him, my faith in Him, Fellowship with Him and His, and fed by His Holy Word, I continue to call myself a success.
What makes you a success?

Thanks for letting me come to your blog today, Ada. I enjoyed it. You’re a true angel.

In Christ,

Renée Blare

From Ada:

How do you describe success?  We'd love to read your comments.