Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Win a free copy of Imagine the Future You

Here's the first question of an interview for Sara Ella's blog for teens. Teens asked the questions. Ada Brownell answered. Other teen questions follow. To see the complete interview go to http://saraella.com/2014/10/ada-brownell.html
Tiffanie Lynn asks, “What inspired you to write this book?”
Imagine the Future You crawled around in my brain cells for years. I worked with youth and I want them to have the explosive power of the Holy Spirit, a throng of special friends, astonishing  wisdom, ability to discern how to have joy on earth and forever and ever, and know true success only comes from knowing God and His love.
Every teen should be aware of moral sink holes. As a newspaper reporter I wrote about these dangerous risks and their devastating effects on youth and their future, and along with tips on being your best, looking your best, I detail facts about the mental, physical, and devastating lifestyle risks of sex outside of marriage, as well as the joy of purity and vowing to love your spouse until death parts you.
One huge problem among youth is secular brainwashing of belief in God...