Thursday, December 11, 2014


By Ada Brownell

Everything about who we are, why we are here, and where we are going is settled by faith.
 It might surprise you, but evolution still is a theory. If you pin an evolutionist down, which I was able to do numerous times as a journalist, he'll admit there is no proof and no solid science behind it, but the theory is treated as fact because it is so widely accepted. The lack of real evidence s why Darwin’s theory has been changed and evolution is many different theories.
I asked the anthropologist at my college why monkeys aren't turning into humans now. He said our life spans are too short to see evolution at work. Then he used a fruit fly, which has a life span of only a few days, and mentioned the changes (or mutations) he'd seen.
"What kind of creature did you have then?" I asked.
The answer: A fruit fly.
Being a journalist, Bible student and teacher, I've studied the Bible and science off and on most of my adult life and interviewed experts on both sides. As a reporter you can ask any question you want to. I share some of those interviews in this book. The secularist’s goal is to destroy faith in a Supreme Being—God, but they can’t prove God isn’t there.

Yet, I admit, Christians can't prove God exists, either.  But there is a very good reason for that: Faith is necessary for salvation (See John 3: 16).
In my book Imagine the Future You, I supply plenty of evidence for faith—and reveal forgeries such as the Piltdown man, missing links that DNA proved aren’t links, and a new theory, punctuated equilibrium, unbelievers designed for pseudo-evidence to support their theories that God isn’t there. Punctuated equilibrium assumes species jumped from one to another in evolution.
In my book I also discuss how the secular world attempts to destroy faith with propaganda (spinning the truth) and brainwashing.
But building faith isn’t the only object of Imagine the Future You. This Bible study will help you discover evidence for faith; how to look and be your best; who can help; interesting information about dating, love and marriage; choosing a career; how to deposit good things into your brain you can spend; and how to avoid hazards that jeopardize a successful life on earth and for eternity, all mingled with true stories that can make you smile. 
You can test what you've learned through the questions and answers provided.
Just one other note.  You'll notice the book has a youth flavor. Imagine the Future You also targets faith in yourself and how to grow your abilities.
 That shouldn't keep you from enjoying the message, increasing your faith, teaching your children and grandchildren, and then motivating you to increase your faith and be wise about decisions and what you do every day.
Do everything you can to make sure your friends and family are with God and you for eternity. It comes in paperback, for Kindle, and audio. It's a great gift!

Review:  How I would have loved  to sit at Mrs. Brownell's knee when I was a teen. This wholesome book resounds with sage, godly advice and could be picked up again and again as needs arise. Worthwhile for parents too. Much fodder for family discussion!

In His love,

Ada Brownell