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Interview with budding writer Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright Interview

1.    What led you to writing?  A crazy amount of stories in my head. They were books I wanted to read but weren’t in the library, or published, or available unless I put them on paper. So I started to write horrible, awful stories. But loved every minute.
2.    How did you start, beyond school assignments? I sat down with a Windows 3.1 computer and started hammering out the basis for my story. I was 13 years old and it took me two years to finish. It was the best two years of focused writing ever!
3.    What piqued your interest in turn-of-the century romance? I presume that’s the turn of the 20th Century? Yes, it’s 20th Century J I’ve always had a love of history and antiques. I’ve spent hours looking through old photograph albums and wondering what the stories were of the nameless people who stared back at me in black and white, dressed in garb from another time, another place, another culture. I’ve always wished for a time machine of sorts. I suppose writing is the closest I’ll get to finding one, huh? J

4.    Your blog speaks of “spirited” and “gritty” romance. Explain:  Spirited. J My characters have a lot of energy. LOL My heroines may be timid, but they’ll be headstrong in another area. Or some are mouthy but tender. Mostly, the exchanges between the hero and heroine are outgoing, often heated and definitely not play-it-nice conversations. My heroes typically have a rough exterior. They are usually not gentlemanly from the meaning of “schooled in fine arts”. They have pasts, they are gruff, often sarcastic, cynical, and insensitive, and yet I pull from their deepest parts. The fierce protector in their soul, or the wounded man who wants to experience love based on the Truth of God’s grace, or the man who desperately needs to find redemption. As for gritty? Ok. Not gritty in the sense of graphic or gratuitous. Absolutely not. Gritty in the sense that my characters take life head-on. My books aren’t cozy fireside romances with school teachers and ranchers who need each other. They’re gritty heroes who used to fight on the docks of San Francisco or heroines who are willing to take down an entire town to save the abused. 
5.    Tell us about your book and where the idea for it came from. My latest book that I just finished and sent off to my agent is based on my Wisconsin hometown ca. 1890. It involves a young woman who is searching for her biological father who used to travel on the railway, and a hero who is searching for the man who attacked his sister in San Francisco. Their worlds crash together when that man appears to be both the heroine’s father and the man with a violent past.
6.    Do you have a publication date yet? Not yet. But my book is on editor’s desks as we speak.
7.    Has your novel journey been enriched by writers’ conferences? If so, how? Definitely. The relationships I have formed there are lifelong and enriching. I’ve often stated that if it weren’t for ACFW, I wouldn’t have met my sisters or my mentor. That in itself is well worth the investment! And they hone my writing with honesty and knowledge, save me from jumping off the proverbial cliff, and pick me up when that rejection email filters its way into my inbox.
8.    Does your female main character have some of your characteristics? The one in my latest book doesn’t at all. She was very difficult to write because I was trying to write from the point of view of a girl who wasn’t a fighter but was loyal to a fault. I’m loyal to a fault, but I also fight like crazy and am very strong-willed. So trying to put myself into the shoes of a more timid heroine was difficult.
9.    How does the leading man resemble your husband? His protective nature. My hero will go to war for those he loves. He is a justice seeker and even an avenger. It’s one thing to come against him; it’s a totally different thing to oppose his family. My husband is much the same way.
1 . Did creating conflict come easy? Absolutely. According to my Dad I’ve always been good at creating conflict ;)
1   What is your next project? My next project is the daughter of a medical coroner in 1898. She prefers to befriend the dead, because the living demand too much. But in doing so, she is caught up in their secrets, which may make her one of their numbered souls.
1 . Anything else you’d like to add? Coffee? J

Jaime Wright Bio:

Professional coffee drinker Jaime Wright resides in the hills of Wisconsin writing spirited and gritty turn-of-the-century romance stained with suspense. Her day job finds her a Director of Associate Sales, Development & Relations. She’s wife to a rock climbing, bow-hunting youth pastor, mom to a coffee-drinking little girl and a Sippy cup-drinking baby boy, and completes her persona by being an admitted Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogspot junkie.

Jaime is a member of ACFW, enjoys mentorship from a best-selling author, and has the best critique partners EVER! (Yes, that's an exclamation point.) She was a semifinalist in ACFW’s 2013 Genesis contest and that alone encouraged excessive celebration over extra espresso with hazelnut syrup.

In her "down time", Jaime reads voraciously, socializes incessantly, drinks coffee addictively, and overuses "-ly" words excessively.


Twitter: Jaime_wright
Pinterest: jaimewright01