Monday, January 5, 2015



By Ada Brownell

Like a sky full of migrating geese the world heads into 2015. Do you know where you’re heading and where you hope to end the journey? Here are some ideas.

1.      Have a sensible destination and know how to get there.
2.      Take it one wing flap at a time.
3.      Disregard discouraging winds and keep going.
4.      Allow others to help, but don’t be afraid to take the lead.
5.      Rest and take nourishment when necessary.
6.      Stop to help others
      7.  Listen to the honking and understand the meaning. The Holy Spirit speaks, leads, and when hidden your heart, God’s Word will be your GPS.

8.      Add your voice loud and clear, using available techniques.

9    9. When you reach a destination, make a new home, enjoy, but keep in mind it’s temporary. Then are more skies to conquer.

10.Don’t allow a warm cozy climate to distract you from goals in your Christian walk, talents and ministries. Eventually you’ll fly back into blizzards, strong winds that can discourage, but never quit.. Mount up on wings and the seemingly impossible can be achieved.