Friday, June 12, 2015

Encouragement for Single Mothers

By Dawn V. Cahill

CRUMPETS AND TEA – Encouragement for Single Moms

tea potPsalm 68:5 – A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation.


In the far northwest corner of the United States lies an island-studded body of water called Puget Sound. Boats of all shapes and sizes ply the waters of the Sound—from super-sized freighters to stately ferries to skinny canoes.  Excursion boats take guests on high-speed tours between Seattle and the English-themed city of Victoria, BC.

One of these tour boats, the now-defunct Princess Marguerite, was once known for its catchy radio jingle. “Take a Princess to sea,” sang a British-accented gentleman. “Have some crumpets and tea.” If you closed your eyes, you could visualize yourself dropping all your cares overboard while you relaxed and indulged in the decidedly British custom of afternoon tea in plush surroundings. Uniformed bodies would hover nearby, waiting to meet your every need. You relish in the sensation of letting someone else do all the work for once.

Isn’t this what most of us single parents, especially moms, dream about? And that’s what I want to do for you…let you sit back and take a short breather from all your burdens. Just as though you were relaxing on the Princess Marguerite like a queen.

I’ll share encouraging Bible verses, nuggets of wisdom that others have passed on to me over the years, and strategies I learned as a single mother that made my job a little bit easier.
I’m glad you’ve joined me for crumpets and tea. Now, sit back, put your feet up, and exhale out all your worries. It’s your turn to be queen for a day.

About Dawn

Since I was a small child, I've loved stories, both reading and writing them. One of my earliest stories got high accolades from my third grade teacher. It was about a little Manx kitten whose mother rejected her because she didn't have a tail. Until an older, wiser cat helped the mother understand the importance of accepting her children the way God made them.

Over the years, I cranked out many a story, started and stopped several more. The most memorable one I started as a teenager, and I've promised myself and my sons I'm going to finish it someday. I called it "Mitch and the Martians." A group of Martian buddies visit Earth, just happen to land on the State Capitol building in Salem, Oregon (my home at the time), saw the brass-plated statue of a pioneer on the dome, and assumed all Earthlings looked like that. So they turned themselves into brass men and walked the streets of Salem. Strange adventures ensue!

We know much more about Mars now. When I finish the story, I'll include the premise that the residents of Mars live underground, which is why the NASA explorations never saw them!

I put writing on the back burner once I began raising my sons as a single mom. That was the hardest job I've ever done, but now I feel a nudge from the Lord to encourage other women who are facing the same struggles I did. My blog section called "Crumpets and Tea" is targeted especially for single mothers, and includes personal anecdotes and what I learned from them, as well as Bible verses and how the Lord used them to encourage me during my darkest days.

I started my first novel two years ago, and now have two completed ones to my name. And I'm one-fourth of the way through my third. I'm excited that the Lord reawakened my passion for writing, and am looking forward to seeing what He does through me!

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Dawn's First  Published Book

A short story available only in ebook, When Lyric Met Limerick. Here's the blurb:
  Aspiring rock star Howard McCreary only wants to be rich and famous. At least that’s what he’d always thought until Luna Rickles, the cute poetess, walked into his life. But when disaster strikes, his rock star career comes to a screeching halt. As his troubles escalate, Howard makes a desperate bargain with God. But as the walls crumble around him, is it too late for Howard? Or can God really redeem his mistakes and turn them into something good?

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