Friday, June 3, 2016


By Ada Brownell

The release of a new book is emotional for authors, no matter how many they’ve written.
So, last week when the paperback copies of my motivational Bible study for youth, Imagine the Future You, arrived and a few days later the Kindle version was ready, I thought: Just in time for the women’s fall lunch and expo.
My Springfield vendor license purchased, a table reservation, a gift card to Christian Publishers Outlet for a door prize, and everything else was ready to present the new book and my three others.
I sold one book, but I learned a few things.
Book signings might become a thing of the past, like some brick-and-mortar bookstores. A few yards from the expo sat the former site of Radiant Books, a division of Gospel Publishing House, which published my first book. The building sits empty. Now to get anything from GPH, you order it from a catalog.

Most ladies read e-books. Some took information on Saturday so they could purchase my books online.
I needed to emphasize the Christmas gift angle, since two of my books are for youth.
Even if an author doesn’t sell books, it’s important to meet people and to build up your name. so all wasn’t wasted. Most older women in our denomination recognize my name because of a number of years I had a byline as often as once a month in The Pentecostal Evangel. The majority of young women never heard of me.
Perhaps the one gal who purchased the book desperately needed the message. Furthermore, she might pass it on. You never know how many other people can be reached by one book purchase or one person talking about your book.
The truth is, although I want the spiritual payload of my books to build faith in this generation, I made the last three books a priority because I wanted my children and grandchildren to have them.
Satan is working in America to use propaganda (spinning the truth into error) or brainwashing them with false teachings so our children and grandchildren will not believe in God. In addition, freedom of religion is being attacked, and immorality is supported. Whether my books sell or not, if what I teach and share strengthens their faith in Jesus, that’s all that counts.
Will they read the books? I know one author who has published more than 40 books and he told my writers group his children have never read any of them.
I know At least one grandchild read two of my books. I don’t know about the others, but any hard copy will probably be around a long time, so who knows when they might read them?
The Lord is still faithful even though disappointment dogged my steps when I packed up my books and things from the book signing and went home. As I prepared dinner, the sun slipped into bed and one star winked at me through the kitchen window. God still keeps the universe moving on schedule and His power is still available to me and you.

UPDATE: The above post was written to my critique group in November 2013. Since then, I’ve had two more books released, Facts, Faith and Propaganda; and The Lady Fugitive. The sequel to The Lady Fugitive, The Peach Blossom Rancher, should be out sometime in June 2016.
Also, my books still sell in a bookstore, and I’ve had five book signings since the disappointing one, and they were quite successful.

I’m not getting rich or living off my writing, but I steadily sell articles and receive small royalty checks from Amazon and The Lady Fugitive publisher.

Why do I write, investing time and money into what I do? Ministry. I believe all my books will help and encourage readers, often while giving them a good laugh and enjoyable entertainment.

 A marketing coach teaches to never be ashamed to tell others about your books if you know readers need what you’ve written.

Readers are why I write.

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