Friday, March 9, 2018


By Debbie Beck

As told to Ada Nicholson Brownell
Excerpt from the new book, What Prayer Can Do

As a child I cried when I heard the story of the Crucifixion. It seemed so sad that the Lord Jesus Christ should be tortured to death!

In the church I attended they did not explain to me why He died. They did not teach what the Bible says about the day of salvation.

I accepted Christ and was baptized, but only because that’s what the rest of the Sunday school kids did. It had no special meaning for me.

But I had a longing for spiritual life as I grew older, I experimented with many weird things. I started with the Ouija board and took the route of witchcraft, tarot cards, fortune-tellers, trances, parapsychology, and mind control.

 I searched for answers to life’s mysteries. I hungered for God, and I was ready to try anything I could find that pertained to the supernatural.

But none of these satisfied. They increased my emptiness.

I did discover there is supernatural power in the occult, but it was Satan’s power, not God’s. I have felt Satan’s heavy presence. I dressed in black and went to so-called “haunted houses” for séances. It was not all fake. I communicated with the spirit world. I’ve seen spirits take form in front of my eyes. But this only gave me fear—not peace. It did nothing for the emptiness I felt inside.

A fortune teller said I would die in a car accident at a certain time and place. The accident happened. The circumstances were almost the same as predicted—only I wasn’t there. I avoided going to the place at that time and escaped death.

What I was doing was fascinating, but it didn’t bring me the peace and joy I craved. It only made me afraid. Fear seemed to predominate the spirit world in which I found myself...
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