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What I’ve learned about doing a Kindle Scout campaign while I run one.
By Terri Luckey

First thing I learned is that lots of people don’t know what Kindle Scout is. Kindle Scout is a site where readers help decide if an e-book gets published through Kindle Press. If a book gets enough nominations, the author receives a contract on publishing their e-book that includes a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, and featured Amazon marketing. To qualify, the book must be fiction and unpublished.

Since Amazon wants the public to nominate books they like, there’s an incentive. If an author
receives a contract, everyone who nominated the book will receive a free kindle book. There’s no cost but it requires an Amazon account to nominate and people can only nominate three books at the same time. 

Even if authors don’t receive contracts, Kindle Scout still can give them exposure, and after the campaign Kindle Scout sends everyone who nominated the book the authors website to follow up.

When I decided to do a campaign, I jumped right in, without learning what I should have first. The
idea for my latest novel came from the headlines of teens being convinced by terrorist groups to commit atrocious acts. So after doing some research, I wrote a fiction book about some teens that are recruited from a group home by the government to infiltrate these terror groups. Since my main characters are age 17, it’s considered Young Adult, but it also is an action-adventure thriller, with suspense and romance thrown in. It’s secular, but clean and doesn’t have swearing or sex.

When I uploaded my book to the Scout site, I chose Young Adult for my top book category. This can’t be changed once the campaign starts. Then I learned from previous participants that YA books don’t do as well in Kindle Scout and I should have selected the thriller category first with YA second.

I also discovered that Kindle Scout doesn’t disclose the nominations received, just the page views. I’ve been told some participants have received over 50,000. The hot and trending books get the most views, but it takes lots of nominations to get in hot and trending and stay there. Anyone who wants to run a campaign should be prepared to do tons of promotions and marketing. They should learn as much as they can before starting, unlike me. Fortunately, some Christian authors have gone out of their way to help me. Some even started a support group for authors of clean or Christian fiction who want to do Kindle Scout and readers who want to support them in reaching those publishing goals. You can find them at 

The most crucial thing I learned is I need people to vote so PLEASE take a few seconds, click on my link and nominate my book Fearless. I REALLY appreciate your support!!!

(cover by Art 4 Artists

Those who fight alone, lose.

To stop the terrorists who are recruiting kids, Derrick must band together with the delinquents from Fallentier group home, but should he risk their lives?

BIO: Terri Luckey is the author of the Kayndo series, the children’s picture book, Silly Dogs and the soon to be released YA novel, Fearless. She worked previously in the media industry as a reporter, news editor, scriptwriter and promotional writer.

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