Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book I reviewed for Jenny B. Jones: There You'll find me

Finley Sinclair is searching and she hopes to find what she needs in Ireland.
Unlike so many of her friends and other young women, Finley isn’t hunting for a man to make her complete. Her goal is to become a student at the Manhattan Music Conservatory, but first she must write the ending of an original piece of music, perform well at the audition, and come to grips with the death of her brother, Will.
Will visited Ireland before his death and left a diary and photos about his experiences and travels. Finley wants to follow his footsteps and most of all, find the cross in one of the photos.
I liked Finley from the first page of the book despite her obsession with exercise and her fascination with trying to eat healthy. Finley had her eyes on a goal, and despite the need for a counselor in her past, appears to know how to go around obstacles, avoid distractions and cover the distance to success. Yet, a piece of her is missing because she believes God is ignoring her.
So when the teen idol Beckett Rush enters her life she’s the only girl around who doesn’t fall at his feet and pant.  True, he has an awesome smile and is quite handsome when he’s not dressed as a vampire. But Finley is not impressed. Her lack of interest catches his eye and he figures out how to get to know her.
Finley has no time for an egotistical male, but the movie star gets a room at the Bed and Breakfast where she’s staying. She needs a tour guide and he needs a assistant to help him.
While Rush keeps hanging around, Finley becomes an encourager to an old bitter woman dying from cancer, while battling her own mammoth problems. Will the teenager find peace, comfort and victory over her eating disorder? Is the vampire actor as normal and genuine as he tries to appear?  Or is he a playboy that often wears makeup and costumes?
As usual, Jenny B. Jones writes a wonderful story for young adults.
Not all of Finley's problems are completely solved by the end of the book, but the reader suspects this strong character that Jenny B. Jones has created will be victorious.