Monday, November 28, 2011

Suspense for Christmas?" style="float: left; padding-right: 20px">" />The'>">The Christmas Witness by Susan'>">Susan Sleeman

My rating: 5'>">5 of 5 stars

When suspense novelists sit down to write a book, they put their main character in a terrible predicament and then make things worse.
The character tries to escape or hide, but then his plan only complicates things.
On and on the story goes with one problem developing after another, each worse than the last. Writers use anything that prickles or unsettles. That is a surefire way to lure the reader into the next scene/chapter.
That’s the case with Susan Sleeman’s The ChristmasWitness The inspirational romance drops us in Megan Cash’s life after the man she testified against in court is released from prison, planning to make good on his threat to kill her.
A former FBI agent comes back into Megan’s life. Although he feels he should be her protector, she’s not crazy about him hanging around. Yet, she needs help.
Megan’s daughter suffers from cancer and the ex-con uses the little girl to try to get at her mother. Then he asks for a bundle of cash to leave her alone.
But, as in typical suspense novelist fashion, things keep going from bad to worse.
I recommend The Christmas Witness for folks who enjoy a book that grabs them and won’t let go and who also enjoy a spiritual uplift.

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