Thursday, July 25, 2013


We sing a worship song by Dwight Liles that compares the spiritual life to giving: We Are An Offering 

By Jude Urbanski

            We can do nothing more than be an offering to God. Whether we’re a reader, a published or an aspiring author, we are called to lift our voices, use our hands and offer our lives up to Him. And to humbly request-Lord, use our voices, Lord use our hands and use our lives. They are yours. We are an offering.
 We sing this song at church. Sometimes I raise open hands in obedience and supplication. The words of this song never fail to engage my heart. They are the best hook I’ve read.
            I have been intentional about writing in an inspirational way, but at one low ebb, after unsuccessfully trying to find a Christian publisher, I consciously (or was it defiantly?) delayed including the ‘God part’ in my conference pitch. In a quiet way, the well-respected agent asked, “Where’s the faith element?”
That gentle, or maybe not-so-gentle, jerk is now my constant reminder of where I’ve chosen allegiance in writing. I always include the faith element, someway and somehow. Lord, use my voice, my words, and my life. They are yours.  I am an offering.

Jude Urbanski's recently published book:

Kate Davidson wears a mask since her husband’s life was snuffed out on a mountain curve. Outwardly, she continues to care for her children and home. Inwardly, she wages battle with God. Clayton may as well have died in the jungles of Vietnam as in a one-car accident on the Wolf River Bridge.

Will Kate refuse God’s healing and the love of widower Seth Orbin? Or will death steal Seth from her as well?

Jude Urbanski, pen name for Judy Martin-Urban, is a multi-published, award-winning author who writes women’s fiction with inspirational romance elements. She weaves stories about strong characters spinning tragedy into triumph with God’s help. She is published in fiction and nonfiction. Jude was a columnist for Maximum Living, a Gannett magazine, for five years. She is a member of ACFW and National League of American Pen Women.
Joy Restored is book one in the fiction series The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing and is just released in print format and Nurtured in Purple is book two, offered by Desert Breeze Publishing.
The Chronicles of Chanute Crossing
  Joy Restored, November 2011
  Nurtured in Purple, June 2012
Desert Breeze Publishing
I Choose You, anthology, Oak Tara, Dec 2012