Tuesday, May 6, 2014


                                                      By Ada Brownell

Recently I heard a singing group from Evangel University and some members gave powerful testimonies. One young man barely escaped an abortionist’s scalpel when his 15-year-old unmarried mother discovered she was pregnant. But she met and was counseled by a wise Christian woman and this boy and his twin brother were saved from death.
Another young man testified about his first visit to church at age 11, when his dad decided to get married. His father didn’t show until they were about to give up. A few days later, they found out why. Police came to the home and arrested his dad because had committed armed robbery just before the ceremony.
Not wanting to live with a stepmother, the boy phoned his grandmother, a Christian, and grew up under her influence and eventually gave his heart and life to Christ.
Both of these young men are preparing to become worship leaders.
American children and young people today are at risk more than any time in history. Not only do many have parents who’ve never heard the gospel or rebelled against it, the youth are subject to wickedness and brainwashing unequaled in our nation since the Pilgrims landed in 1620.
I was somewhat surprised several years ago when our youngest son, attending a Christian college, thanked me and my husband for staying married. “Most of my college friends are from broken homes,” he said.
As a newspaper reporter and free lance writer, I’ve interviewed the angry unmarried teen moms, grieving women who’ve had abortions, kids in trouble with the law, parents of suicide victims, and juveniles in mental hospital wards. I’ve interviewed experts on many angles of the problems, including sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol and drug addiction.
Of course, I’ve also written about the achieving, well-balanced, often Christian youth who turn away from such things.
Yet, I can’t forget the heartaches that affect too many youth today. More important, I need to remember this generation of youth struggles for faith in God—partly because they don’t know enough about Him.
I’ve worked with youth much of my life and written for Christian youth publications. My book, Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult, is a story about youth who struggle, but also some who believe they can do anything through Jesus Christ. Most of the problems happen to Joe, but he has a group of friends—actually the Gallant Guardians--dedicated to God and committed to preventing and solving crimes using ordinary, harmless weapons.
Will they find his parents and stop the radicals, even though the dangerous group dedicated to erasing Christianity from America uses robot guards and real weapons?
I also have a motivational Bible study, Imagine the Future you, that youth and mothers and fathers find strengthens their faith. Intertwined with ideas and knowledge about how to a success, is how your life can be satisfying and joyful through eternity if it is built on faith in God. The book takes on the secularistic, atheistic view taught in our schools and shows with evidence why it is in error and faith in God makes sense.
Do you have a mountain of problems? See how Joe found the answer to his.
Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult.     Would you like to know more about why faith in God is the only logical answer to who we are, why we are here, and where we’re going? Imagine the Future You.
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