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Note from Ada Brownell:

If you are a writer who seeks publicity and you don't know how to write a news release, here's a sample that's about one of my new books. Imagine the Future You.  As a newspaper reporter I received hundreds of news releases from public relations professionals. I opened every one because you never know when you'll run into a good idea, and I'm an idea person. Yet, I knew some editors on staff put many of them in the "round file" (waste basket) unopened.

I've had quite good response from my news releases, triggering a story in my small home town paper, as well as an interview for the large newspaper where I worked before retirement. I was amazed a reporter did a feature despite my book being an "Indie" book.

A few times, such as when I was doing a book signing, I got a blurb.

Here's the sample. It's not formatted as as it was on the document and I eliminated personal info and thumbnail cover photo here.

Ada Brownell
                        NEWS RELEASE

For Immediate release

Dec. 12, 2013 -- Ada Brownell started her writing career as a teenager while she was youth leader at Fruita Assembly of God Church in Colorado. More than 50 years later, she still writes for youth. Why?

"The young are the most precious asset of a nation and the church," she says, "but in today's world too many of our youth are in a hurricane of doubt, fear, abuse, sorrow, emptiness, hate, guilt, rebellion, and have no anchor. The condition of our youth is the result of a secular world that tries to strip away faith in God. The Ten Commandments are outlawed and obscenity assigned."

Brownell's latest book, Imagine the Future You, a motivational Bible Study, released Nov. 10, 2013 on Amazon, was written to help youth understand they are in charge of their future because of their attitudes and their decisions. After a career as a  reporter for The Pueblo Chieftain in Colorado, writing articles and stories for 45 different Christian publications, decades teaching youth, plus having five children of her own, she feels teens need to believe in their unique talents, establish  goals, learn how to be and do their best, and examine evidence for faith in God. She believes serving the Lord makes a difference in all our tomorrows.

The book reveals how unbelievers work to destroy religious faith through the media, use of propaganda and brainwashing, and even deception. Yet, neither atheists nor Christians can prove God is there, she says. "The reason is faith is necessary for salvation. We have to decide whether we will believe in God or man's theories. No one can make the decision for us."

Available in paperback, for Kindle or as an audiobook, Imagine the Future You  has study questions and answers for each chapter, so is appropriate for group study and is especially good for family discussion, according to a reviewer.

 Imagine the Future You is available in paperback as well as for Kindle, and also is for sale at The Greatest Gift Bookstore in Pueblo, Colo., and Christian Publishers Outlet in Springfield, MO.

The links: Imagine the Future You audiobook is available at  Free book with new Audible membership. 
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The books below may be purchased on the Ada Brownell author page
Imagine the Future You
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