Saturday, April 4, 2015

He's Alive!

By Ada Brownell

Excerpt from the novel


That night, when Joe dozed off after reading several chapters in the New Testament, another dream seized him.
He was in a cemetery on a hillside, trimming a rose bush trampled by careless feet. Soldiers paced back and forth in front of a tomb, their brass armor reflecting the sun’s first morning rays and clinking as they walked. Joe studied the grave where a huge stone had been rolled across the entrance. Everyone in Jerusalem seemed focused on the cemetery. As the gardener, he hoped he could repair the damage caused by the soldiers’ feet and get their garbage picked up as soon as he finished trimming.
As he moved to pick up the rose cuttings, the ground trembled. It shook worse than a speeding chariot with a flat wheel. He struggled to keep his balance. Fear clawed his innards. Then he saw the angel. The being reached out a muscular arm and shoved the massive stone. It jiggled, creating sparks as it moved away from the grave’s entrance and struck other stone surfaces. Lightning flashed, but it wasn’t in the sky—it was next to the tomb. A man surrounded by brilliant white stood there.
With a thump, the soldiers fell on their faces. Swords clinked as they dropped from their hands. Helmets rolled down the grassy hillside.
Joe felt woozy himself. Then the gigantic angel sat on the stone at the tomb’s open entrance and smiled at the Man standing there. “Now they can see You’re no longer in there.”
The Man looked at Joe. Joe wanted to run, but his legs wouldn’t move.
“I am He Who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. And I have the keys of death and hell.”
“He’s alive!” Joe screamed. “Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive!”
“Shut up, Joe!”
Joe opened his eyes. Patrick sat up in the other bed.
“Sorry. Just another dream.”
His heart still thumped against his ribs like a mallet on a drum when he lay back down. A feverish sorrow crept over him.
 “Jesus, if You’re alive, where are Mom and Dad?” he whispered. Tears scurried down his cheeks.

But no answer came.

Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult
By A.B. Brownell

Enter an area where people are missing and radicals want to obliterate Christianity from the earth. After Joe Baker’s parents and 30 other people mysteriously disappear, he finds himself with a vicious man after him. Joe and an unusual gang team up to find his mom and dad. The gang is committed to preventing and solving crimes with ordinary harmless things such as noise, water, and a pet skunk instead of blades and bullets. Joe reads the Bible hoping to discover whether God will answer prayer and bring his parents home. In his dreams, Joe slips into the skin of Bible characters and what happened to them, happens to him—the peril and the victories. Yet, crying out in his sleep causes him to end up in a mental hospital’s juvenile unit. Will he escape or will he be harmed? Will he find his parents? Does God answer prayer?

 No fantasy. No wizard, but suspense and even robots. Christian payload. Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult

Reviewer said, A.B. Brownell weaves a tale of intrigue and faith which captures the reader from the opening page. Enjoyed by teens and adults.  or book is also available at, and is listed at