Monday, April 27, 2015

Infertility Struggles: God Never Wastes Anything

By Paula Mowery

From experience, I am a firm believer in the fact that God never wastes anything, including our struggles. How often I find myself learning lessons from the trials I have been through.

This principle was also proven to me in my bout with infertility. Now, as I was going through that battle, I couldn’t see how my experience could be used. But, God is faithful and by being open to His leading, I learned some lessons as well as being used to touch others.

Looking back on those days of bitterness and depression when I couldn’t get pregnant, I now know that I was trying to be in control. So, there is lesson number one. I am not in control. God is and that is how it should be.

Another related lesson was that my timing isn’t God’s timing. God knows the plan and path He has set before me. I so often want to jump ahead or even take a different route because I want what I want now. But, God’s way is always best even if I don’t like it.

Still another lesson was God will listen and comfort. God listened when I whined and when I argued. He listened when I mourned. His Spirit comforted me at my low points.

My infertility battle wasn’t wasted since God taught me some valuable lessons, but He also allowed me to encourage others. He led me into the paths of other women suffering through this dilemma. I was able to comfort them and relate what I had learned through my experience. I could not only sympathize but empathize.

During my years of trying to get pregnant and enduring testing, I had no Godly resource to help me through. About a year ago, God brought me together with five other authors who had gone through this same battle. We have written our stories in a new devotional from Chalfont House called A Walk in the Valley.

Our prayer is that our stories will encourage other women going through this valley. See? God knew all along that we would share our infertility paths in this way. None of our experiences were wasted but used to His glory.

Paula is a pastor’s wife, mom to a college student, author, acquiring editor, and speaker. No matter the hat she wears, she strives to honor God’s plan even if it means going out on a limb and leaving comfort zones. Reviewers have characterized her writing as “thundering with emotion.” Her book, Be The Blessing, won the 2014 Selah Award in the novella category. Paula enjoys reading and reviewing Christian fiction, writing Christian romance and devotionals, and helping other authors realize their dream of publication.  

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