Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A peek into Joe the Dreamer: The Castle and the Catapult

Teen novel by A. B. Brownell set to be released about Jan. 15 on Amazon

Joe Baker looked at the kitchen window again, hoping headlights would turn in to the driveway. Instead, an image moved on the other side of the glass. A tremble ricocheted from Joe’s chest to his fingers and toes. A hotdog chunk he bit off almost lodged in his throat.
“What time is it?” Brown hair framed the scowl on Penny’s slightly freckled face as she sat across from him at the glass-topped table. “I’m worried about Mom and Dad.”
Joe swallowed. Tangy mustard taste lingered on his dry tongue.
“They’re probably fine,” he choked out. He dropped what was left of his bun on his plate and ran over to see if a friend peeped at them. At first, Joe’s tan face, thick mop of black hair, and frightened brown eyes reflected in the window. He leaned closer. A bald head he’d never seen before glistened. Huge eyes glared from the other side of the glass. The man’s drooping jowls jiggled as a hand tried to push the window open.
“Get out of here!” Joe yelled, blood and panic pulsing through him as he flipped the blind shut and pulled his cell from his pocket. He dialed 911.
“A man I don’t know is peeking through our windows, and our parents aren’t home,” he told the dispatcher. He couldn’t keep his voice from trembling. “I’m fourteen, and my sister is ten.”
He was telling the dispatcher the address and giving other information when Penny jumped up from the table. “Oh, bother! You’re just playing with the phone and trying to scare me.”
She lifted a slat in the blinds and looked out. Her scream almost made Joe drop the phone.