Thursday, March 12, 2015



Being an author of fiction has been one of the most wonderful and at times, frustrating pursuits in my life. On any given day my emotions may swing between joy and discouraged and back again. After hours of tweaking a chapter I sometimes sit back, tap my lip and think, “I can’t believe I wrote that!” only to find myself moments later scratching my head and wondering how the next chapter’s dialogue came to sound like tongue-tied chipmunks.

Humility and cringe-worthy moments have been common pieces of my writing puzzle. But it’s the satisfaction after editing and re-editing a book that keeps me moving forward. The final version, the one that the editor accepts and loves.

I have four published novels and I can honestly say writing is tough. Storylines often sway in unexpected directions and new character personality traits pop up when I least
expect. Heroines and heroes may turn into a villains and vice-versa. A plot can thicken or end up going nowhere. Like planting a seedling, a story sprouts, grows and produces a creation that is far more complex than where it started. Often very different than what I expected.

And, of course, even the most crafted, fascinating stories may receive a rejection from a publisher, editor, or agent, a disheartening, yet growing experience that most published authors have endured. Tough skin, open mindedness to critiques, and willingness to edit accordingly is essential in a writer’s journey. Also, it is critical that an author write to the expectations of the genre they are targeting. READ what you write. Trying to find your own niche can be difficult, especially as a new author.

Like most writers, my stories are crafted out of passion, determination, and love. I learned that I must see the plot through my characters’ eyes. Feel their emotions, frustration and pain. Bring out their insecurities and show their faith. And mostly bring them to the brink of despair before rescuing them. I want the reader to sense how we live, feel, and experience: chaos, absurdity, humility, sadness, beauty, love… And if I bring tears to my own eyes as I read through my stories, I’ve done my job.

Life is about fiction, from folks rewriting their own memories to daydreaming about their hopes and dreams. Fiction gives a writer a chance to rewrite mistakes and sorrows or find forever love. Threads of truth blend within my fiction stories. Although frustrating at times, the passion to write burns within a fiction writer’s soul. And like food for my soul, I can’t imagine how I could not write.
By Annslee Urban

…and someone wants to make sure Amber Talbot never reveals it. When she becomes the target of a car bomb and a home invasion, she gets the message loud and clear. If she tells anyone her secret, she will die. The person charged with protecting her is police detective Patrick Wiley—the fiancĂ© she walked away from but never forgot. The same man she never wanted to tell about the attack that left her for dead. Back then Patrick couldn't save her. Now he must. Because the attacker has returned to finish what he started. Except this time he's got them both in his sights.

Annslee Urban grew up watching old-time romance movies, which she attributes to her passion for sweet romance and happy endings. Her writing journey began when the youngest of her five children started school. As a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, she served on the board of Carolina Christian Writers, has worked as a freelance writer and registered nurse. She enjoys Bible studies, cooking, traveling and grandbabies! She lives in North Carolina with her husband and family. You can contact her at or on facebook.