Saturday, March 14, 2015

Giveaway of Lillian Duncan's novel, Birthright. Is evil real?


By Lillian Duncan

Is evil real? Does it prowl around like a lion searching for its next victim?

Sam Langstrom knows the answer to those questions. He’s known since he was a child. Evil is not only real, but his birthright.

But can a man change his destiny?

With God’s help, Sam believes he’s put the ghosts of his childhood behind him. Now a preacher with a wife and a child of his own, life is good. Right up until that moment when his house explodes in front of his eyes—with his new-born baby inside.

The ghosts are back.

He has one chance to save his child, but to do so means to turn his back on God. Will he accept his birthright—bow down to the evil? Will he give the lion its final victory—his soul?

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1.      Did you start your writing career with the brand, “Stories of faith mingled with murder and mayhem?

Not at all. When I started writing, I didn’t even know what branding was!

2.      When did you begin writing?

I started writing when I was 40. I’d always wanted to write but never even tried. I guess I was waiting for someone to knock on my door and ask me to write a book. Guess what? It didn’t happen. If you want to be a writer, you have to just start writing and the rest will follow.

3.      How do you start your books? What is the first thing you do?

I sit down and put my fingers on the keyboard. But seriously each book is a little different from the others. Sometimes, I have a complete story in mind, other times I have a character or a situation. As far as research goes, I don’t usually do it as I’m writing when the need comes up.

4.      Who is your favorite character from your novels?

It’s got to be Maven from my Deadly Communications series. Like me, she’s a short speech pathologist. Unlike me, she’s fearless.

5.      Is it difficult to merge faith with murder and mayhem?
Sometimes it can be. I tend to write on the edgier side. But as I go through each draft, I keep my readers in mind and tone it down.

6.      I notice you write for Does your brain sometimes rebel when you switch from a murder mystery to a devotion?

Not at all. In fact, writing devotions gives me a break from all that murder and mayhem.

7.      Do you listen from and get ideas from all the murder and mayhem on the local news?

Sometimes. In fact, one of the books I’ve written (not published yet) came from a Dr. Phil show.

8.      Have you included your parrots in one of your stories? How about your other pets?

My parrot Rocky was in Serenity Springs, Ohio. Unfortunately, I haven’t written a sequel so we haven’t seen him since. As much as I love animals I don’t usually have my characters having a pet. Mostly because, I know they are going to be in danger, and I don’t want the pets in trouble with them.

9.      What is your greatest recommendation to other writers?

Don’t be in a rush to get published. Give yourself time to grow in the art and craft of writing. Give yourself time to find out who you are as a writer. Give yourself time to trust yourself as a writer.

10.  What is your next book?

My latest book should either be out by now or will be very soon. It’s BIRTHRIGHT. And it’s a complete departure from my usual suspense. It’s a supernatural horror story that starts before the Civil War and ends in contemporary times.


Lillian Duncan…Stories of faith mingled… with murder & mayhem.
Lillian is a multi-published writer who writes the type of books she loves to read—suspense with a touch of romance. Whether as an educator, a writer, or a speech pathologist, she believes in the power of words to transform lives, especially God’s Word.
To learn more about Lillian and her books, visit:  She also has a devotional blog at:  as well as her personal blog, Tiaras & Tennis Shoes at