Monday, March 16, 2015

Nine New Titles in 2015? Caryl McAdoo Talks Success


By Caryl McAdoo

Well, first I should say I counted wrong. It’s really ten. While I waited for my first novel Vow Unbroken from a major house Simon and Schuster—seventeen months from contract to debut, March 2014—I wrote more books, five completed and three half finished, that I could not contractually sell until September 2014. I was so green when I signed that contract in 2012, didn’t even have an author’s Facebook page or know how to create one.

 My editor asked me to wait at least thirty days after Vow Unbroken to re-release an old title, renamed and a chapter added, so I Indie-pubbed Lady Luck’s a Loser 
 in April 2014. After much prayer, my husband and I decided to Indie publish again and released Book Two of the historical Texas Romance (hTR) series Hearts Stolen. It debuted September 5, 2014. Going back to a Biblical fiction story first written in 1994, I rewrote and released A Little Lower Than the Angels, The Generations (BfTG) series, in November 2014. Four new books in 2014.

This is my list to release in 2015: January, Hope Reborn, book three (hTR); February, The Preacher’s Faith, book one of new contemporary Red River Romance (cRRR); March, Then the Deluge Comes, volume two BfTG; April, Sing a New Song, book two cRRR; May, Sins of the Mothers, book four hTR; July, Token of the Covenant volume three BfTG; August, Acquiring a Wife, book three CRRR; September, Daughters of the Heart, book five hTR; October, Undecided, book four cRRR; and November, Promises of Blessings, volume four BfTG.

Through May, the stories are complete, some edited, some already proofed. I’m writing now on Token, Daughters, and Acquiring. I maintain a monthly newsletter The Caryler (click here to sign up! ) and decided to offer a free ebook every quarter as my thank-you to subscribers—that’s responsible for the contemporary Red River
Romances, two were already written.

I’m doing all my own formatting and plan to take over my covers, having the fabulous, God-gifted Kirk DouPonce to fall back on. He did Vow, Hearts, and Hope’s awesome covers. I keep a notebook to be organized and stay on tract. What has to be done on which title by what date from start writing, finished, edit, proof (God gave me a gift in my proofer),
send out to my eVALUaters—my amazing group who receive my stories before their debut, so they’re ready to review and help me spread the word sharing, tweeting, and telling their friends. (click here to sign up ) I also ask or accept guest blog appearances at every opportunity.
This journey has just begun! Hope Reborn’s debuted, Jan 9, The Preacher’s Faith in February, and Then the Deluge Comes this month. Guess you’ll have to ask have me back in November to see how it all went. As a hybrid author (traditionally and indie published), I’m very excited to see what God will do.         

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