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Run! Exciting novel by author with limited vision

Short Bio
Glenn is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), a graduate of Vision Loss Resources and Bethel Seminary, father of six and grandfather of six. He likes tandem biking and kayaking, and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two youngest college age children. Glenn is also an award winning author who combines his love for teaching God’s word with his passion for writing exciting fiction. Run is his first novel.
Questions & Answers
1. How did you get into creative writing?
I’ve always loved reading but didn’t have that much time for it. Once glaucoma forced me out of the business world at 40, I tried not to ask “why Lord,” rather “what do you want me to do?” God provided and guided me into a number of blessed ministry opportunities over the next years, including seminary where the idea of creative writing took hold. When some doors closed and ministry settled into a routine, I had time to write. So I began my pursuit of creative writing in earnest in 2007

I’ve always loved reading and would often find myself daydreaming about a book and then taking it on a tangent. But I never considered writing. I didn’t think I was good enough for that, and between family, my business and ministry I didn’t have the time—writing was out of the question. But Glaucoma changed all of that. Suddenly I had lots of time but had to figure out—really find grace to navigate a new situation. I began telling stories to my children . . .

2. What kind of writer are you a plotter or a punster?
Maybe a little of both! I usually start a story idea visualizing a scene in my head, often a dramatic moment and then try to imagine how the character would react. From there I often sketch the scene out further in my head, and if it feels right, I write it down. Then I just let it percolate in my brain for days—weeks—months. If it still feels like it could be a story, I then plot it out and draw up a character sketch not necessarily in that order.

3. What do you like most about writing?
I love those creative moments where you are in the character’s head and flying through a scene. I also like cleaning up the creative mess and honing the story into something you like.

4. What is your favorite writing fuel, food and beverage?
I love great coffee, strong, and dark roast but with cream and sugar. Our Keurig makes a fast fix, but if I’m desperate, a shot of espresso and hot chocolate in a cup of skim milk. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are of course the best writing fuel food.

5. Can you talk about the things that helped you most thus far on developing your writing craft?
I think Randy Ingermanson’s “Perfect Scene” where he build upon, and made more understandable, concepts from Dwight Swain had the most influence as far as micro techniques. Then the macro structures of Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell helped me “put it together.” But then there were mentors, my two critique partners, Melissa Jagears, and Naomi Rawlings who are extraordinarily good at getting into their characters heads and doing that camera thing. To some extent their influence rubbed off on me. I’ll also mention Kristen Heitzmann’s seminar at an ACFW conference that was enlightening.

6. As a Christian author, what part does faith play in your stories?
I use fiction to try to reflect reality from a Christian perspective. My stories have an edge and don’t always have neat and tidy endings for every character—but they all effuse hope. The key characters within each story must apply faith or not, and work through the stuff life throws at them. And in my stories, that’s usually a lot!

7. How are you able to write with your vision problems?
I am not blind but have limited functionality in terms of visual acuity and duration. Vision Loss Resources trained me on the use of adaptive software that reads aloud print on the screen, it also tells me what I’m typing and how to execute various functions on my keyboard with very little requirement for a mouse. So in effect I touch type, and “read” by listening carefully. Through practice, I can listen at accelerated speeds which partially compensates for the limited visual input. I also have awesome and patient critique partners.

About RUN
1. Tell us about RUN.
Run is the story of a thirteen-year-old boy from a Christian home trying to find his way. Wanting to hang with the cool crowd caused Tyler to make some bad choices that mushroomed into a huge mess. A family relocation gave him the opportunity to start over, but he’s not a fast learner . . . Everything seems stacked against him, including a nasty run-in with some very bad men. But Tyler still wants to do things his way. Slowly he begins to trust in God again, and things begin to change. And it’s a good thing, because he’ll need God to make it through what lies ahead in this intense action thriller.

2. How’d you get your idea for Run? 
Abandoned houses in the woods have always fascinated me. Such mystery! My imagination just runs wild, especially when I remember those times I was brave enough to poke around in the ruins. This was the germ for the story.

3. So Run’s target audience is mainly boys age 10 to 14?
Yes and no. It’s true that the protagonist and most of the secondary characters are boys, but I’ve received a number of rave reactions from tween and teen girls as well. In book two of the series, one of the girls from Run, Audrey, is a main character. And both women and men enjoy RUN, it brings a certain nostalgia I think.
Another of Glenn's novels

4. How did you come up with the title for RUN?
I suppose most book titles go through a metamorphose, that was definitely true with Run. It started as “Dark Forest,” then, “The Plumber” and finally “RUN.” I was influenced by some other single word titles on the market, but I’d say the final inspiration just came to me. One of those God moments I think.

5. Run is the first book in your Intense Series. Tell us about the series.
Here is my description: Whether in his small town, in the wilderness, or in the tropics on vacation, danger stalks thirteen-year-old Tyler Higgins like mosquitoes after exposed skin. Don’t miss the prequel, Escape,  Book Two, Chase and Book Three, Hyde, in the Intense Series, which combine teen issues like friendship, bullying, drug abuse, parental divorce and first crushes with heart pounding adventure and suspense. Join Tyler as he applies faith to life and goes nose to nose against the dark side of society.

The Back Cover Blurb:

At thirteen, a boy can run from lots of things, but he can’t always hide . . .

Awkward newbie, Tyler Higgins, has to navigate the middle school friendship jungle. But how can he focus on friends when a mysterious plumber casing the neighborhood threatens his life?
While chasing the cool kids through the woods, he tumbles into a ruined house where a shadowy creeper emerges from the basement. Tyler escapes, but for how long? The gigantic ninja-like goon sniffs him out and threatens to carve him up—along with his family.
Tyler finally connects with a rich kid, but a showdown brews. The plumber has a secret and lots of stolen cash—and Tyler’s friend is locked in on the plumber’s hideout. Now Tyler must risk his life or lose his new friend—permanently.

RUN by Glenn Haggerty
(Intense, Book One)
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Title: Run, (Intense Book 1)
Publisher: Taegais Publishing
Release Date: Oct 13, 2015
Genre: Action Adventure
Stand alone or series: Intense series
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Twitter: @grhaggertyjr